About Us

Our Mission
TOGETHER, we can prepare your child for the wonderful life that lies ahead.

Our Vision
The vision of our early childhood education programs is to work in partnership with families and the community. We believe in enhancing the abilities and skills of the whole child, including social, physical, intellectual, communication, and emotional (SPICE) development.

Our Beliefs
To achieve our vision, our beliefs are:
• All children are capable of learning and have individual needs, skills, and talents.
• Children learn best in a setting that reflects the diversity of the community.
• Children learn best as active participants in co-operative, play-based experiences.
• Children learn best through experiences that enhance their self-esteem, help them make choices, and develop competencies.
• Children learn best using a unified developmentally appropriate curriculum, utilizing innovative teaching practices.
• Parents/caregivers are the child’s primary and on-going teachers, sharing equally in the child’s education.
• Open and honest communications between teachers and parents/caregivers help to enhance a child’s education.
• The sharing of diverse points of view and the encouragement of risk-taking will generate new ideas.
· We provide the child with the foundation for on-going learning and support the child and family to become responsible partners in community.