'Well placed' ERO report

Posted: Thursday 10 May 2018

Education Review Office New Zealand’s feedback dated 13/03/2018.

Children's learning records show educators provide an individualised, responsive programme that nurtures children's language, culture, and identity. Diversity of cultural and spiritual beliefs are valued and used to inform planning. The learning programme is underpinned by Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum and a strong belief in play-based learning. Children's sense of belonging is affirmed, and their emotional and physical wellbeing is supported.

Nurturers keep very good records of each child’s day, and note activities that children participate in. Literacy, mathematics and science, and opportunities to explore creative and manipulative materials feature in these activities. Trips in the community complement the curriculum and enrich children's learning experiences. These opportunities enable children to meet and play in larger group settings.

Children's learning is recorded in attractive portfolios. Nurturers take a lot of interest in planning an individualised programme that responds to children's interests and strengths. There is a strong emphasis on respecting and understanding infants' and toddlers' ways of learning. Children's communication skills, positive relationships with others, and cultural confidence are focuses in curriculum documents.