'Well placed' ERO report

Posted: Thursday 01 January 2015

More For Kids received a ‘well-placed’ report during their first ERO visit. Some of the comments in the report were very encouraging for us.

“Together, the owners, teaching team, whānau, families and members of the wider community support children to be competent and confident learners. All are warmly welcomed. Staff provide an interesting environment that promotes and supports the holistic development of children.

Teachers and the governing team willingly listen to and are respectful of families. Changes to learning and care are responsive and carefully considered.

Owners, as managers, closely monitor health and safety systems and processes. They make improvements that impact positively on children and their well-being.

Managers demonstrate a sound understanding of the purpose for self-review. A deliberate, robust process is in place for decision making and accountability. The well-considered performance management system supports staff to work to achieve the centre’s vision and goals. Policies, procedures and practices are based on the principles of advocacy, equity and social justice for children.”


View full report here

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